Axe-Fx II – Acoustic Simulation

Acoustic simulation tonematch presets pack

The price for this pack (45+3 presets) is 10 euros

 Note : Updated to Quantum 7.02 for Axe-Fx II MKI, MKII, XL and XL+. Previous version is included. AX8 not supported.

Here’s my new Acoustic simulation tonematch presets pack for Axe-Fx II MKI/MKII/XL (v 3.03).

The idea was to use as many different electric guitars/pickups as possible and make tonematch presets for each of them. So if you have an Ibanez with Bare Knuckle or EMG or DiMarzio pickups, or a Fender Stratocaster, or a Gibson Les Paul, the corresponding presets should work to give it a convincing acoustic simulation sound (in FRFR systems of course !).


I used my Yamaha acoustic guitar sound as a base, and made tonematches for the following electric guitars :

– Ibanez RG 520QS with Bare Knuckle Holydiver and Emerald pickups (5 positions)
– Variax JTV 89 with DiMarzio Norton and LiquiFire pickups (5 positions)
– Fender Stratocaster USA with Suhr pickups (5 positions)
– Schecter Damien Platinium FR with EMG pickups (3 positions)
– Ibanez RGIR20FE with EMG pickups (3 positions)
– JTV89 Variax models of acoustic guitar (1 position), Telecaster (3 positions), Les Paul (3 positions) and Fender Stratocaster (4 positions)
– Gibson les Paul Standard- Gibson SG 50th anniversary
– Ibanez J Custom RG8540ZD

Bonus, the three existing acoustic simulation presets from my normal Axe-Fx II/AX8 presets packs
Each preset uses 8 scenes, which you can customize as you like.

Of course, you can try a preset made for one guitar/pickup position with a different guitar, that may work ! Although a preset made for a Les Paul neck pickup will certainly be way too bright with a Stratocaster bridge pickup…

Legal stuff : this is a digital download. No refund even in case of buying by mistake. After purchase, the files will be available in the “Purchase history” section of my website

These files are in a .zip compressed archive, which is a standard format. PC users can use Winrar, Winzip or 7zip to extract them. Popular tools for MAC users are Stuffit Expander, Unrar x or The Unarchiver. Most computers already have tools for that, and most of these applications are free.

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Why no AX8 support? It looks like you had originally intended it for the AX8 based on “AX8” being mentioned in the description above and included in the title of several of your above videos. I understand tonematch is not supported on the AX8, but my understanding is that that’s only for creating the tones. Once they are created on the Axe-FX II, can they not by imported into the AX8? Or will there be an AX8 acoustic simulation pack coming soon?

Hello, I wanted to release an update to my AX8 acoustic pack but I didn’t like how it was sounding ; some of the same IRs that sounded great in Q2/Q3 were sounding distorted in Q7 and as I couldn’t figure why, I decided to abandon it

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