Helix – Big pack

Helix “Big Pack” – 187 presets

Price: 49 euros

My main presets pack for the Line6 Helix (2.01 firmware and above). Originally it had 175 presets covering many genres (pop, rock, fusion, metal…), and with the bonus folder, which has updated and new presets for Pink Floyd songs, there’s now a total of 187 presets. This package also has 25 user IRs.

The general volume of my presets is intended to be on par with the stock presets, or a little quieter. I wanted to avoid the risks of digital clipping, which I hear on many presets I downloaded from Custom Tone.

My presets are first and foremost a very big collection of amp/cab tones, effects are a bonus. There’s also a few, like the ambiant ones, U2 or Pink Floyd presets etc in which the effects settings are equally important. Like my presets for Axe-Fx and AmpliFire, they are intended to cover various genres, from classic rock to metal through pop and fusion. Some of them uses snapshots, again, check the .xls file for details.

I like my cleans without any hair, and quite compressed. Compressor is an important element in my “Cln xxx” presets. It can of course be removed ; on many presets, the sound will then be a little dirtier, on the edge of breakup.

Also included is a collection of metal presets meant to be used for recording, so they’re brighter than what I normally use. I used a DI track from one metal song I recorded to tweak them. However they probably have a little more bass than needed but I like that for playing with them. In a mix, I’ll cut the lows some more.


You need to put the user IRs in the right places – “081 LX TDR Ultraclean.wav” goes to user spot 081, etc.

Watch this video for the easiest procedure : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVUNLwjUbrQ

My presets have been tweaked with these IRs, they won’t sound like intended if you don’t load them. All are custom creations made with various free sources, or no source at all, and various techniques like tone matching.

Of course, you can try to swap them with your favorite third party cabs, this will probably work if you choose similar cabs (like, a V30 4×12 IR instead of my HG (high gain) cabs, G12M and the like instead of my Marshall cabs etc… Experiment !)

To make things simpler for most Helix users, I didn’t put my user IRs at the beginning of the cab bank, but from 074 to 098.

Note : the acoustic sim IRs are way quieter than the others, it’s their nature, and I boosted the level from the IR block accordingly. Be careful if you try other IRs with the Acoustic Sim presets, lower the IR block volume first !

Similarly, the volume of the IR block in the “Cln” presets is at -12 instead of -18 because for some amps, with the very low gain settings, the channel volume at 10 wasn’t enough to compensate.

Legal stuff : this is a digital download. No refund even in case of buying by mistake. After purchase, the files will be available in the “Purchase history” section of my website

These files are in a .zip compressed archive, which is a standard format. PC users can use Winrar, Winzip or 7zip to extract them. Popular tools for MAC users are Stuffit Expander, Unrar x or The Unarchiver. Most computers already have tools for that, and most of these applications are free.

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[Fremen presets]

4sn A30 Fawn Brt.hlx
4sn A30 Fawn Nrm.hlx
4sn AC15.hlx
4sn AC30.hlx
4sn JCM 800.hlx
4sn JTM 45 Brt.hlx
4sn JTM 45 Nrm.hlx
4sn Matchless C1.hlx
4sn Matchless C2.hlx
4sn P-75 Brt.hlx
4sn P-75 Nrm.hlx
4sn Plexi Brt.hlx
4sn Plexi Jump.hlx
4sn Plexi Nrm.hlx
4sn Shiva.hlx
5150 + Elektrik.hlx
AC15 crunch.hlx
AC30 crunch.hlx
Acoustic sim 1.hlx
Acoustic sim 2.hlx
Acoustic sim 3.hlx
Ambiant 1.hlx
Ambiant 2.hlx
Ambiant 3.hlx
Blues lead 1.hlx
Blues lead 10.hlx
Blues lead 11.hlx
Blues lead 12.hlx
Blues lead 13.hlx
Blues lead 14.hlx
Blues lead 15.hlx
Blues lead 16.hlx
Blues lead 17.hlx
Blues lead 18.hlx
Blues lead 19.hlx
Blues lead 2.hlx
Blues lead 20.hlx
Blues lead 21.hlx
Blues lead 22.hlx
Blues lead 3.hlx
Blues lead 4.hlx
Blues lead 5.hlx
Blues lead 6.hlx
Blues lead 7.hlx
Blues lead 8.hlx
Blues lead 9.hlx
Brain damage.hlx
Brian May delay.hlx
Cheesy harmonies.hlx
Cln A30 Fawn 2.hlx
Cln A30 Fawn.hlx
Cln AC15.hlx
Cln AC30.hlx
Cln Bassman Brt.hlx
Cln Bassman Nrm.hlx
Cln Cali IV R1.hlx
Cln Cali IV R2.hlx
Cln Cougar.hlx
Cln Deluxe Nrm A.hlx
Cln Deluxe NRM B.hlx
Cln Deluxe Vib.hlx
Cln Divided 13.hlx
Cln Dr Z Rte 66.hlx
Cln Hiwatt.hlx
Cln JC120 1.hlx
Cln JC120 2.hlx
Cln JCM 800.hlx
Cln JTM 45 2.hlx
Cln JTM 45.hlx
Cln Mail Order.hlx
Cln Matchless 1.hlx
Cln Matchless 2.hlx
Cln P-75 Brt.hlx
Cln P-75 Nrm.hlx
Cln Plexi Brt.hlx
Cln Plexi Jump.hlx
Cln Plexi Nrm.hlx
Cln Shiva.hlx
Cln Small tweed.hlx
Cln Soldano.hlx
Cln Stone Age.hlx
Cln Supro.hlx
Cln Twin Nrm.hlx
Cln Twin Vib.hlx
Comfortably 4sn.hlx
Crunchy Orange.hlx
Divided crunch.hlx
Dr Z crunch.hlx
Dual clean 1.hlx
Fat Plexi lead.hlx
Fawn Brt crunch.hlx
Fawn Nrm crunch.hlx
Heavy 5150 1.hlx
Heavy 5150 2.hlx
Heavy 5150 3.hlx
Heavy 5150 4.hlx
Heavy Elektrik 1.hlx
Heavy Elektrik 2.hlx
Heavy Elektrik 3.hlx
Heavy ENGL 1.hlx
Heavy ENGL 2.hlx
Heavy ENGL 3.hlx
Heavy Epic 1.hlx
Heavy Epic 2.hlx
Heavy Epic 3.hlx
Heavy Epic 4.hlx
Heavy Fatality 1.hlx
Heavy Fatality 2.hlx
Heavy Fatality 3.hlx
Heavy JCM800 1.hlx
Heavy JCM800 2.hlx
Heavy JCM800 3.hlx
Heavy MK IV 1.hlx
Heavy MK IV 2.hlx
Heavy Recto 1.hlx
Heavy Recto 2.hlx
Heavy Recto 3.hlx
Heavy stereo RTM.hlx
Heavy Uber 1.hlx
Heavy Uber 2.hlx
Heavy Uber 3.hlx
Heavy Uber 4.hlx
Hot Matchless.hlx
Jazz clean.hlx
JCM800 crunch.hlx
JCM800 drive.hlx
M 4 a Nurse.hlx
Match CH1 crunch.hlx
Match CH2 crunch.hlx
Match Jmp crunch.hlx
MKIV Lead 1.hlx
MKIV Lead 2.hlx
MKIV Lead 3.hlx
MKIV Lead 4.hlx
MKIV Lead 5.hlx
Morph AC-Crunch.hlx
Morph UC-Crunch.hlx
Park crunch 1.hlx
Park crunch 2.hlx
Park drive 1.hlx
Park drive 2.hlx
Plexi 1.hlx
Plexi 2.hlx
Plexi 3.hlx
Plexi 4.hlx
Pride U2.hlx
Pull me under.hlx
Run like hell.hlx
Shine on U.hlx
Shiva LD 1.hlx
Shiva LD 2.hlx
Soldano LD 1.hlx
Soldano LD 2.hlx
Still havn’t fnd.hlx
Streets U2.hlx
The Wall Pt 1.hlx
The wall Pt 2.hlx
Tight Shiva.hlx
Time (4 Snap).hlx
Uber 5150.hlx
Ultraclean 1.hlx
Ultraclean 2.hlx
Ultraclean 3.hlx
Us and them.hlx
Vox clean 1.hlx
Voxy Divided 13.hlx
Without U2 A.hlx
Without U2 B.hlx

[Bonus presets + Pink Floyd]

Brain damage 2S.hlx
Comf Numb LG 4S.hlx
Comf Numb RG 2S.hlx
Echoes LG 1S.hlx
Echoes RG 1S.hlx
Hey you 3S.hlx
High hopes 2S.hlx
In the flesh 1S.hlx
Money RTM+LD 3S.hlx
Money tremolo 1S.hlx
Mother 2S.hlx
PF Acoustic 5S.hlx
Pink Floyd presets.txt
Run like hell 1S.hlx
Shine on U 4S.hlx
Snapshot delays.hlx
The Wall Pt 1 1S.hlx
The wall Pt 2 2S.hlx
Time 4S.hlx
Turning away 2S.hlx
Us and them 2S.hlx

I don’t have a purchase history, here but i’ve already purchase the big pack that you’ve send me a link to download the patches. How can i acess the update ?

I purchased the Big Pack prior to you updating the website. I no longer have the email link that you sent me and my purchase history only shows the add on pack and synth pads that I purchased recently. How do I redownload the Big Pack to get the added Floyd patches? specracer986@gmail.com


I purchased the Big Pack when you first released it. And I must say, it is truly fantastic. I came here to purchase the add-on and discovered that you made an addition to the Big Pack. Sir, how do I get the additional presets that you added to the Big Pack? My email address is:


Thanks for your time,


what about using these presets only with Helix Native? Are there any restrictions, problems etc?

They work fine in Native, except for one thing, Native doesn’t have the snapshots feature yet. I have a few presets with multiple snapshots, only the default snapshot is accessible with them. Snapshots will be added to Native in a coming firmware.

I bought the big pack and love it. Might it be possible though to get a patch for Have a Cigar .. or is there an existing patch that you might recommend for that?

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