Helix – Big pack add-on

Big pack add-on

30 presets for firmware 2.21 and above. This pack completes the Big Pack that I released last year, by focusing mostly on amp models and effects added in the last firmwares, and also on new custom cabs. The Archon clean and lead are now my favorite amp models in the Helix, and I like the Litigator a lot too.
Some features :

– 5 new IRs from valhallir.at (http://valhallir.at/en/). Those are custom mixes I made from various cabs. Those mixes are also included in the full cab packs sold in their website, check them ! I’m specially proud that my mix for the Double Whoooper cab (a Mesa Boogie 4×12 with English V30) is considered by Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian) as “the best IR he ever used”.

I use those new IRs on presets with new amp models but also amp models that were already in the original Big Pack.

– I’m also using 10 IRs from the Big Pack.

– Most presets uses various snapshots and those have been named accordingly.

– In the Big Pack from last year, I used mostly the Plate reverb as it’s my favorite model, this time I use more reverb models, and more delay models too. But focus in my presets remains on tone, you can always customize the effects, add blocks etc.

– I use the 3 band compressor a lot as a tone shaping tool, I like it more than a simple EQ to fatten a tone. Here’s a video, about how I tweak this block (as there’s no visual indicator of the gain reduction, which is even more important for multiband compression than for standard compression) :

– There’s also one preset for 4 cable method, which I use with a Fender EVH 50 w amp.


Full presets list :

Andy Timmons
Andy Timmons2
Archon cln 1
Archon cln 2
Badonk Lead 1
Badonk Lead 2
Badonk redux
Busy One cln
Del Sol 300 cln
Heavy Meteor 4
Heavy Meteor 5
Hot rodded Plexi
Litigator 1
MKIV ultimate2
Modern Marshall
Squashed Hiwatt
TDR Archon 1
TDR Archon 2
Wild 2204 Mod
Wild J-45 Brt
Wild P-75 Brt
Wild Plexi Brt
Wild Powerball
Wild Recto
Wild Shiva
Wild Soldano
Wild Uber
Woody Blue cln

Legal stuff :
These files are for Line 6 Helix version 2.21 and above, and for FRFR monitoring systems. It is a digital download, so there will be no refund for any reason including purchasing by mistake. These files are in a .zip compressed archive, which is a standard format. PC users can Winrar, Winzip or 7zip to extract them. Popular tools for MAC users are Stuffit Expander, Unrar x or The Unarchiver. After purchase, the files will be available in the “Purchase history” section of my website

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I’m writing down from France. I bought recently an Helix and then this big pack add-on.
I just understood that to get a good sound, the IR are essential. Without anyone, all the rock sounds are bad.
Fortunately, this pack has relevant IRs. My questions : How to know which IR is the best to be used with a preset ? Also, by using an IR – which is already a simulation of cab+mic, is that necessary to set a cab and micro in the preset ? I hope I’m clear. Thank you in advance.

Hello, all you need to do is put each IR in the correct spot, you don’t need to edit the presets

What positions do the IRs go? That is, where will presets be looking for them normally?

Can I use this “add-on” pack if I don’t already have the original big pack? I just got a Helix and liked the idea of the patches written specifically for the the newest firmware version. Also do purchases from US automatically convert the currency?
Erie, PA

Hello, yes you can, it’s stand alone, you don’t need the first one. Currencies are automatically converted, without any fees

Thanks again. I was just concerned about not having the IRs (from the Big Pack) that some of these presets might require.

Purchases and downloaded. What positions do the IRs go? That is, where will presets be looking for them normally?

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