AX8 Acoustic simulation

Acoustic simulation pack for the AX8

When I released new packs for the Axe-Fx II and the AX8, around firmware 7.02, I had trouble with some IRs used in the acoustic simulation presets collection (*). On the Axe-Fx, these simulation uses the tonematch block, and I had to convert the EQ captured in this block into an IR to use it in the AX8 (which doesn’t have a tonematch block). For an unknown reason, some of the IRs which were working well in firmware Q2 or Q3 were producing crackles in Q7. But an update to the old Q2/Q3 acoustic simulation pack was necessary, because of the changes in the compressor block. So at the time, I decided to discontinue this pack for the AX8.

Recently, after receiving many requests for such a pack, I decided to check the old presets again. I then noticed that only a few IRs had a crackling sound – only those for Les Paul and SG guitars. I then updated the presets for all the other guitars and pickpups. But, I don’t want to sell a pack which is “incomplete” compared to the Axe-Fx II version. So, this one will be free !

(*) I’m not trying to simulate an actual acoustic guitar here – many people, including myself, have tried to do that but imho it never works well enough – but an electro-acoustic one, or a piezo-equiped electric guitar. I used my own Yamaha APX500 as a source for the reference sound.
The reason behind the multiple presets in this pack is that the final sound is highly dependant on the electric guitar you will use and its pickups. I have simulation for many guitars and pickups (Telecaster, Stratocaster, Ibanez with DiMarzio or EMG etc.). So if you want to use a Strat with the neck position, I have a preset for that. Of course, you may try other presets, but that one is the safest bet. Warning : if you use a preset made for a neck humbucker on a dark guitar with something like a Strat on the “quack” position, the excess of treble may hurt your ears, or even your tweeters ! So, proceed with caution.

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